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Out of office!!!

First of all. An apology.

To everyone who has just had a very generic message from me.

I am sorry.

I had missed nearly 30 emails and I have just sent a standard response to everyone.

If you are still interested in booking with me please try again or message me on Facebook where I am much more active.

As the title suggests I am currently out of office.

I am on holiday with my family down in Cornwall.

Just to put this in to context I have worked 2 jobs pretty much solidly since early March. I have worked my “day job” for 40hrs a week and I have taught SUP for at least one day every weekend plus occasionally all weekend and the odd evening session.

This adds up to 60ish hours a week most weeks.

Don‘t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I love to teach SUP and I enjoy being out with new people every week watching people fall in love with a new sport!

But it does mean somethings slip. Emails being one, family time being another.

Being away is allowing me time to reconnect with my little boy and helping to foster his love of the sea the same way my dad shared his love of the water with me.

So bare with me on the emails. If it’s urgent then try through my Facebook page. If it’s not urgent I’ll be back from the 3rd August and you guys will be able to get on the water from then!!!

Catch you soon Yellowbellys!



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